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We are a leading European supplier for mechanical, electrical & instrumentation equipment’s and spare parts


We supply industrial products for all your MRO (maintenance, repair and operating) replacement parts for:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Cement
  • Power Plants,
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Shipping Industry

We operate from the Hague, the Netherlands. Our main suppliers are from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Finland and Switzerland.

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About Us

We supply products of the following industries

Cement industries

Components & Spares

Refractory anchors, rotary air locks, knife gates, rollers for conveyors

Oil & Gas, Power

Any required tools and custom machinery

Fertilizer industry

Drilling tools

Any drilling tools and ball bearings

Marine industry

Our Clients

We have supplied heavy industrial machinery and equipments to major industries in Northern Africa and middle east.


Depends on the procurement of equipment from the manufacturer side. We strive to deliver within 2 days after the products have reached our warehouse

Its on case-by-case basis

We are headquartered in The Netherlands, but our suppliers are in all EU countries

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